Basement and side extensions and refurbishment of a house in Hampstead Conservation Area


The client's initial brief was to extend a basement, construct a new bathroom and replace a run-down side structure which provided a side entrance leading to the lower ground floor only.

Early in the design stage we noticed that the existing layout of circulation space was inefficient and included large areas of wasted and unappreciated spaces in a location where space is at a premium. We therefore suggested to the clients to carry out additional alterations which were relatively minor but at the same time have maximised the amenity of their home, including the entrance hall, living and dining room.

In addition, the new central circulation space with its open stairs and attractive glazing, brought plenty of daylight into the house.

The result has completely transformed the house, from having a traditional layout with small and dark rooms, to become a comfortable, light and airy house of a contemporary and unique design.